Why Companies should join EnviUp (It’s Free)

Green Companies

As a company, especially if you want to do your part to help our ecological environment, arrest the climate crisis and promote sustainable choices; then you should join EnviUp.

Both companies that are environmentally focused and those looking to become greener should take advantage of the myriad of free features EnviUp provides.

Not only do we allow limited free advertising but we can also provide you with a free e-commerce store. This free membership opens a gateway to a network of like minded organizations and individuals with access technologies, ideas, innovations and tools that will advance both your climate and corporate agenda.

Although we are just starting off, we want to position both companies and NGOs with access to platform features as well as personalized support. In fact, we have outlined some of the advantages for companies below:

  • Advertise for free. (You can post ads directly to the site-wide news feed once per day)
  • Access a targeted audience of environmentalists and environmentaly organizations
  • Sell products with your Free-Ecommerce Store (we will set this up on request)
  • Connect with NGOs that are aligned with your missions and philosopy.
  • Be a mentee for larger companies and explore partnerships and green commerce.
  • Mentor smaller companies and garner investment opportunities
  • Create interactive Groups and Forums for your volunteers and members with File Sharing capabilities. (we will set this up on request for now)
  • Access site-wide file sharing and collaborative tools eg. Private Messaging, Connections, Zoom Integrations and much more.
  • We can also develop custom ads to display in a variety of different places throughout the platform
  • Get front page advertising with cusom designed slides and media
  • Connect and Colaborate with other Companies and NGOs to share resources and expertise.
  • Review the work of all member NGOs consolidated in one place, to make better informed descisions on funding tus saving you and your company time.
  • Get 24/7 support on all issues

We aim to translate virtual actions into real-life commitments toward the natural environment. The choices we make online should directly initiate some sustainable or climate action in the real world. Whether it’s buying a green product, donating to a green NGO or most importantly: voluntary, real-world contributions to an environmental initiative near you.

– EnviUp Team

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